Something You Can't Take

by Those Clever Foxes

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Doug Griffiths and Those Clever Foxes at Quincy Avenue between October 3rd and December 26th, 2013.

Gang vocals performed by TCF, along with our good friends Tom "Skillet" Lopes, Nick Blockus, Angela Capone, and James Duffy.

During the tracking process, we had 42 beers, 32 cups of coffee, and 51 cigarettes. We broke 3 strings, had 4 mental breakdowns, and destroyed a pair of Sennheiser headphones.

Thanks again to everyone who has made everything we've done possible.


released December 27, 2013

Matt Duffy: Guitar, vocals
Sean Flynn: Vocals, guitar
Doug Griffiths: Vocals, guitar
Donnie Kirchner: Bass, vocals
Nick Lawrence: Drums, Percussion



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Those Clever Foxes Scranton, Pennsylvania

We play music and we're from Scranton.

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Track Name: It's Not Enough To Just Be A Man
I heard those stories told to me, and I put my faith in Jesus, but I struggled with the reasons. Now I'm losing money, I stumble aimlessly through dark and dying streets. I used to try, and that was enough. I just keep fucking up. I can't keep fucking up.

I heard those church bells on Sunday and they brought back familiar feelings, but those memories are fleeting. Now I'm circling, always circling, these dark and empty streets, but they don't hold the same excitement for me. And I can't keep fucking up.

I'll ask forgiveness from my mother for not praying to the father, son and ghost. She's gonna take the news the worst.

I bike these lonely streets. I'm not so confident as it may seem. I'm losing hope, I'm losing faith, I'm losing sleep. Betrayed for following these lonely dreams. I guess I'll keep fucking up and bike these lonely streets. I guess I'll keep fucking up.

Things will get better later.
Track Name: A Good Fight Is Never Clean
You lied when you said you couldn't fall in love again. A broken heart, that's once, twice on the mend. You listen to all those records play. Steal those words that you could never say.

You're not a secret, you're just a regret. And if you see it, doesn't mean that you feel it.

I spent my summer alone doing the best that I could. I wait all day to call, or even if I should. Then you say again that we could never be this way. But will stay best friends cuz friends are just okay.
Track Name: Falling
If there's a heaven, then there's a hell, and I'm stuck between the two. If there's a God, then there's a devil. I know which one is you.

And you could say I'm doing okay.

And you could drag me down and you're falling. But I won't stick around there. You're falling.

If there's a right, then there's a wrong, and I know which side to take. I live my life without regret, but you were the one mistake.